Thursday, 8 December 2011

New Designer - Belinda Morris

In the beginning, when I dreamed up the idea of Free Range Living, I started looking for images that inspired the spirit of what I wanted FRL to envoke in others. You can check out some of these images in our earlier posts.

When I came across Belinda Morris, I immediately thought back to those early images, as it was almost like she had designed the dresses worn in those images.

Belinda tells us: "I definitely love a bit of a vintage feel.  All that style, glamour and playfulness of bygone eras is really appealing to me.  I love cloths and accessories that are soft and feminine, but with a twist.  I like my cloths to be a bit of a personal expression and not the standard off the rack look and love a handbag that makes a statement all on its own"

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