Friday, 14 December 2012

Tutorial: Yarn Pom Poms

Today we decided to have a bit of fun craft at home.

Amalia has been writing Christmas cards for her friends at school, and rather than give a chocolate santa or a candy cane, I suggested she make up some gifts herself.

Having my crochet yarn handy, we got to making some fun little yarn pom pom critters! Here is our simple tutorial for you.

For these mini pom poms, we used a metal fork. 
Wrapping the yarn around the outside of the fork.

 Little brothers can help by holding the yarn ball

Keep winding until you have quite a thick amount of yarn around the fork, then snip the yarn off.

Snip off a strand of yarn, and feed it through the centre of the fork, in the middle gap between the four prongs,on one side of the wrapped yarn. Take the other end of the strand, and tie a very tight knot around the wrapped yarn.

It might help to tie the first part of the knot, whilst the wrapped yarn is still on the fork, then slide the wrapped yarn off the fork, pull the length of yarn tight around the centre, and then finish the knot.

Now take your scissors and cut the curved ends of the yarn,
make sure to check none have been missed.

When all the curves have been cut, plump out your pom pom and snip off any longer strands to tidy it up.

Decorate your critter. As this was an impromptu activity, we used some spare square stickers at home,  for eyes. If you plan ahead, grab some "googly" eyes from the craft shop.

We cut a small length of yarn in a contrasting colour 
and glued it on for a mouth.

We made these critters so they can be hung on the tree.

We also made a larger pom pom, by wrapping the yarn around our four fingers on our hand, 
and plaited long strands to make into a book mark.

There are a lot more fun things that can be made with pom poms - check out our Pinterest board Here

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